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Alain yotnegparian | aia

Alain received his BA in architecture from USC in 1990. He worked at a couple of large local firms before being offered a position at Jeffrey Kalban and Associates. For Over 20 years, Alain has been an integral part of that firm,  leading many of its institutional and commercial projects. He currently is an associate partner in the office. In 2013, Alain was presented a unique project opportunity which necessitated the creation of a separate firm while maintaining his active partnership role at Jeffrey Kalban & Associates (both firms operate within the same location). Beyond his busy schedule at both firms, he has managed to serve on the board of the Wesley School and Studio Village HOA during major expansion phases, as well as head several important committees.


As an architect creating meaningful and exciting design that positively responds to the project requirements is an important goal.  Alain's well-rounded experience in all aspects of architecture provides a balance and realistic perspective to his designs. 


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