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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

New single family residence 46,700 SF.

2018 - Completed


The clients requested that the project convey a tropical feel to create a relaxing setting within the confines of the surrounding property walls. The concept of the project embraced the tropical theme. Lush gardens, water features , elevated covered verandas, shade structures and shade elements were incorporated into the project. Large cantilevered covered patio decks were located around the perimeter of the second floor and provided shade for the lower level. Custom sun screens that abstracted a thatch or woven pattern enclosed the 2nd floor patios with the intent to convey the feeling of being in a “tree house”, immersed within the confines of large palms and other tree species. The primary pool was envisioned as a tropical lagoon with water spills along the perimeter. Abstract waterfalls and misters were incorporated within several heavily vegetated areas and shade structures. This allowed the creation of many distinctive areas within the property for the client to enjoy and view from the interior.

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