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Los Angeles, CA


New single family residence 6,854 SF.

2014 - Schematic Design Phase

The home is located on a hillside in Bel Air, California. This modern and spacious three level home utilizes many sustainable features such as highly efficient PV system, rainwater storage and irrigation, passive solar design, reduced electrical usage and a high efficiency mechanical system. Indoor/outdoor connections are encouraged with the help of large multi-panel operable sliding doors, which also convey warmth and provide views to the serene surrounding canyons. Covered patio decks and cantilevered roof overhangs are located on the south and east sides of the home to protect the large window openings and limit the amount of sun glare that enters the house. The orientation of the home was designed to have the entry way face east while the north side of the residence faces the upslope hillside and the driveway. This condition created a very private setting which allowed for the entry to be very open and transparent. The goal was to create an indoor/outdoor connection that allowed the residents to take advantage of the Southern California climate while still maintaining a comfortable indoor environment with protection strategies from natural elements.

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